To Catch a Cub

The average North American black bear has been clocked at speeds of in excess of 40 miles per hour.  The average North Side Chicago Cub isn’t nearly that fast.

Maybe I’m way off base, I let that one slip–sorry.  Yes, I know the Cubs need a first baseman and there are some really good choices out there such as, Berkman and Konerko but here’s a thought that I’ve been mulling over yesterday…

I think the Cubs also need a first baseman who can steal bases. 

It’s a lost art not seen since Rickey “Man of Steal” Henderson who compiled over 1400 stolen bases in a Hall of Fame career. 

Today the game has focused on hitting and pitching and after this past season the pitching was outstanding!  So maybe if the Cubs can select that first baseman who can get on base and make the pitcher pee his pants before every pitch.  Maybe the Cubs need a cheap first baseman and instead trade for someone who can steal.

A player who can move on the bases is what they need.  Speed scores points.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

—Mark Gauthier

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