Opening Day 2011

Three years ago, I booked a day off work to enjoy the Cubs season opener.  My wife booked the day off as well.  We got some beer, hot dogs and chips and those nachos that you can dip in the cheese sauce.  Now, normally that cheese sauce is gross, but on opening day it tastes the best, in fact I would go as far as saying it should be on the food groups list(only opening day).  We watch the pre-game shows and pay attention to the player line-ups and once the first pitch is tossed, we’re ready for baseball.

Every year since Opening day has gotten a little more important and so has my Cubs gear.  Since I’ve never been to Wrigley Field, we kind of create it in our living room on Opening Day, at least the atmosphere.

Well, this year is going to be even more special because Mary Beth and I welcomed our son Darcy into the world on September 27 2010.  I hope Len and Bob will wish him a belated birthday greeting on opening day, I hope Darcy grows up to be a Cubs fan and I hope the Cubs have a great year!

–Mark Gauthier

Sandberg or Quade?

I’m happy that Mike Quade was chosen to manage the Cubs next year.  It was a wise choice over Ryne Sandberg.

Before everyone starts to chew my head off or ban me from the seats at Wrigley, here’s my reason:

Quade led the club to a winning record after he took over from Lou.  Which is great.  He had big shoes to fill.  Which leads me to my argument against Sandberg.

Ryne Sandberg is a legend at Wrigley Field.  No matter how many wins the Cubs get, nothing short of a World Series ring would suffice under Sandberg at the helm.

The Cubs don’t need that right now and neither does Sandberg.  He’s a good manager and maybe in a few years he’ll be the right fit for the Cubs.  Just not now.

It happened with the Phoenix Coyotes when Wayne Gretzky coached the club.  They didn’t win the Stanley Cup and it was a disaster.  However, it didn’t tarnish his reputation and look at the Coyotes this year, they’re doing very well.

I only wish that Sandberg didn’t walk out on Iowa.




Good Morning Cub Fans,

This blog was created to fill the void between the seasons.  I don’t want to fill in statistics, just talk baseball and the Cubs.   Also it’s my quick fix to my Cubs addiction.  It keeps my wife happy!

This past season was a somewhat tumultuous one at best.  Derek Lee has gone on to Atlanta, Lou retired and well, the Cubs on paper looked better than the Cubs in the standings.

That being said, it wasn’t all that bad.  I got to tune in to a Cubs telecast where Starlin Castro knocked off his his first home run at his first at bat and off the first pitch!  That was exciting!  His future is bright.  Let’s not forget Marlon Byrd who, um soared this season.

The offseason is going to bring on more changes than usual.  The Cubs are headed in the right direction and Soriano and Ramirez will continue to be the leaders in 2011.