Looking at Tyler Colvin

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, stuffed with lots of turkey, peacefulness and joy. 

Tyler Colvin had an outstanding year.  The 25 year old from Augusta Georgia hit 20 HR and 56 RBI’s with a batting AVG of .254.  Now, last season was his rookie year and it was very impressive.  In fact his stats are decieving because he played 135 games and really he wasn’t used to full effect because of the rotation of Kosuke Fukodome.  I agree whole heartedly with Strictly Cubs Baseball, let the kid play.

Fukodome has a huge contract and the Cubs I think, are obligated to let him play, but expect Mike Quade to get full effect out of Colvin this year.  Late last season, Colvin was hit by a stray bat and the injury looked worse than it was, but he did take the remainder of the season off giving the injury time to heal.

So, this season the outfield is going to look a heck of a lot like Soriano, Byrd, and Colvin.

In the immortal words of a famous broadcaster,”Holy Cow!”

—Mark Gauthier

One comment

  1. ronlang44 · December 26, 2010

    Thanks for the “shout out” Mark. I am curious to see what Colvin does in 2011. Hopefully, he will get more at bats and produce like I think he’s capable of.




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