A Winter Reflection

There’s a certain peacefulness to the game.  It wouldn’t happen if baseball was played indoors, all domed parks aside.  It’s a calming game that never relies on clocks.  There’s a reason that baseball is played during the summer and not in winter besides the obvious reasons, but when you’re at a ball game on an 80 degree summer day when the sun is warming your beer moments after you take the first sip, you can hear the conversations from the dugout(if you’re close enough), the smacking of the ball as it lands snuggly into a player’s mitt during warm-up.  The pop of the bat when the ball is hit at the “right” spot and watching it soar into the stands.

A friend of ours went to a Yankees game last year and caught a foul ball.  He was so excited and watching his eyes light up when he was telling the story, well it was as if time were erased from his face and he was a kid again.  He caught a ball at Yankee Stadium, the new Yankee Stadium! on national television!

That’s one of my favourite baseball stories.

—Mark Gauthier

One comment

  1. russelw · December 27, 2010

    I don’t know how often you get to go to games, or if you’ve ever been to Wrigley, but you’re right. Baseball is a great game and ever spring it does renew me.

    I’m lucky enough to have season tickets for the Cubs and no matter how many games I’ve been to, Opening Day is always special and it reminds me how much I love the game.


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