Cubs in the Old Navy

So, in my further adventures to find Cubs merchandise and seek out new apparel, my wife and I were at our local Old Navy and looked in the children’s clothes section.  What did we find?  A pile of little Cubs shirts.

Now, let me go back and explain the situation.  It’s very hard to find anything related to the Cubs up here.  I’ve ordered stuff online, but a $10 toque somehow turned into $70.  Ok, we ordered a Cubs visor and Cubs sleeper for Darcy, but man $20 in extra international fees and $10 in taxes.  It racks up.

So we play a game and look for Cubs merchandise.  There are rules(with exceptions like Christmas)that we only find things on sale or at antique stores.  Well, that Cubs T-shirt was a great find!  $3.98  We bought two sizes because as everyone knows babies grow faster than Jose Bautista scores home runs.

—Mark Gauthier


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