The First Cut…

Well, you know the song.  The Cubs have trimmed their roster by 18 players.  Most of the cuts haven’t been a surprise but young players like Josh Vitters, Bret Jackson and Jay Jackson have been somewhat of a surprise at least this early on.


So, what’s my verdict on the Cubs this spring? I think they’re doing all right.  A convincing win over the A’s and I’m confident that Cashner will secure a spot with the club this year.

I’m also really surprised with the play of Fukodome.  He must have been reading our blogs.  He’s still got to work on those strikeouts second with 11.

Starlin Castro has 2 stolen bases and although it’s only spring, I think this is a great sign and I’m hoping we’ll see more base running this season.  He also is leading the team in RBI’s with 9.  I love that stat.  So, I don’t think Castro will suffer any sophomore jinx this season and will lead the team.

Go Cubs Go!

—Mark Gauthier



One comment

  1. ronlang44 · March 17, 2011

    The one thing I want the team to work on is defense. We are leading everyone in errors this spring. That’s not a category you want to be the leader in. I like what Castro’s been doing too!



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