Don’t start the BBQ

Sunday was a relaxing day.  Sure, we had lots of housework to do that still has to get done.  Hey, it was Sunday, traditionally a day of rest.  Who am I to break with traditions?

Mary Beth asks me if I would like to go downtown.  Why not, eh?

We went downtown.  It could have been Chicago.  Kingston is now the windy city.  I knew there was another reason to be a Cubs fan.  it’s all about the connection to living on a Great Lake.

It was cold.  We got a few feet from the car and turned around.  So, we went shopping and on our way to grocery shopping I casually slipped, the Cubs are on.


So Mary Beth went shopping and I went home with Darcy. Diapers had to be changed, bottles had to get made, but the payoff was worth it.

Dempster was great in his final warm up till Opening Day!

Later, Mary Beth prepared some burgers and I went out to fire up the BBQ.  I was looking at her through the kitchen window and she mouthed three words.  At first I thought it was,”I Love You” but no, it was more like,”Want some Ham?”

Then I clued in—

“A Grand Slam!” dropping the spatula and running inside only to see the hilights.

The lesson? Don’t start the BBQ when Tyler Colvin is up.

—Mark Gauthier


  1. blithescribe · March 29, 2011

    Isn’t that the way it always works? This is a big part of why, although it’s kind of sacrilege, Seth and I have a DVR and use the pause and rewind functions frequently. Of course, if we’re not careful we wind up an hour behind live.
    This is a very simple game…


  2. The Cub Den · March 29, 2011

    My brother refers to baseball as watching paint dry. Here’s an example of how quick paint dries.



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