Working Out The Kinks

So, I missed yesterday’s ballgame.  We had company, but It looks like I didn’t miss much.  Spring Training is a time for working out the kinks, clearing the dust and cobwebs  from the corners and finding out just where things go.  Spring cleaning works pretty much the same way around our house.  I love cleaning.  I love spring training.  People think I’m crazy,”It doesn’t count.”  or,”What’s the point?”

So, I after seeing the score against the Padres (and for those of you not in the know, it was 14-4) a pretty bad score by any other standard but this being Cactus League play, let’s break down the Box Score:

Fukodome got one hit and a run. He continues to shine in the lead-off position.  Let’s keep him there. 

Marlon Byrd wasn’t in the lineup.

One word:  TYLER COLVIN.  ok, that’s two words but he got one hit, one run and two walks.  He’s going to be a star this year.

Reed Johnson is his usual best with a hit and a run.  The Cubs did a great job getting him back.

Pitching is still a little shaky.  Matt Garza is struggling but he got off to a rough start but you know, the best players bring their game come the regular season.  I’d give him some rest.

Despite yesterday’s loss, the Cubs are in good shape for Opening Day.

—Mark Gauthier

Two Weeks!

Two weeks until Opening Day!  We’ve got our menu together, Darcy fits into his Cubs uniform and there will be cake.

I think we’re going to go with hot dogs and sausages this year.  It’s simple and tastes great.  I don’t know what kind of beer to get though.  We don’t have Old Style up here so I’ll probably get tried and true Labatt Blue.

Now, for the pre game snacks, I’m thinking nachos with cheese sauce.  That’s always a fan favourite.

I hope there’s going to be some kind of pre game show on WGN.  There usually is I think.


—Mark Gauthier

The First Cut…

Well, you know the song.  The Cubs have trimmed their roster by 18 players.  Most of the cuts haven’t been a surprise but young players like Josh Vitters, Bret Jackson and Jay Jackson have been somewhat of a surprise at least this early on.


So, what’s my verdict on the Cubs this spring? I think they’re doing all right.  A convincing win over the A’s and I’m confident that Cashner will secure a spot with the club this year.

I’m also really surprised with the play of Fukodome.  He must have been reading our blogs.  He’s still got to work on those strikeouts second with 11.

Starlin Castro has 2 stolen bases and although it’s only spring, I think this is a great sign and I’m hoping we’ll see more base running this season.  He also is leading the team in RBI’s with 9.  I love that stat.  So, I don’t think Castro will suffer any sophomore jinx this season and will lead the team.

Go Cubs Go!

—Mark Gauthier


Andrew Cashner

A few weeks ago, a great blog Strictly Cubs Baseball  made a post regarding Andrew Cashner and you can find it here.  It was a good article and lately I’ve been thinking about that article because of the way Andrew Cashner has been playing.

Why not put him in the starting rotation.

1. Ryan Dempster

2. Matt Garza

3. Carlos Zambrano

4. Carlos Silva

5. Andrew Cashner


Yup.  I think it’s time to give the young guy the nod.  The Cubs have had great success with their young talent so they should keep that up.

I was thinking Jeff Samardzija, but now it’s Andrew that needs to fill that spot.

—Mark Gauthier


Crosstown Classic…Sort of

The only reason it was sort of like a classic was it wasn’t played in Chicago.  Other than that, yesterday’s game had all the makings of a classic.  Ryan Dempster was in fine form going 4 shutout innings.

Carlos Pena knocked one over the fence showing he might be earning every penny he’s getting paid.

Geovanny Soto got two hits and added an RBI

So far, the Cubs are a respectable 6-8.

Next up is the Reds and I’ve got a toonie on that one.  I’m liking the way the team is progressing and if Dempster pitched the way he did yesterday on Opening Day, I’m sure it’s going to be a classic too.

Only three weeks away!!!

Finally,my sympathies go out to everyone in Japan and their families, it was a horrible disaster yesterday and it’s a lesson in humilty because we just don’t know what’s going to happen. 

–Mark Gauthier

Reasons To Love Baseball

I have this book called, “1001 Reasons to Love Baseball.” I usually read it this time of year when there’s a late season snowstorm or just get excited about the upcoming season.  It’s a great book with well, 1001 insights into baseball.  I’d like to share a few of these thoughts:

430: The season yet to be played.

582: Haray Caray’s,” Holy Cow!”

705: Satchel Paige–pitched 3 scoreless innings for the A’s at the age of 59

706: Seeing a game for free. (Bleacher seats at Ebbetts Field cost fifty cents.

3: Skipping school or calling in sick to go to the park on Opening Day.

8: Taking vacation days to see spring training games.

13:  You’ve got tickets and the weatherman says “it’s going to be a great day for a ball game.”


These as you can see, are only a few and picked throughout the book. It’s a nice read and gets me excited every year.

—Mark Gauthier



What A Game!

So when I tuned into the ballgame yesterday, it was 12-9 and somehow they turned it around and won 14-13?  That’s beautiful.  Don’t worry, I’m not popping champagne just yet, but a come from behind win is a really good sign.

The hitting was spread out evenly which is good to see.Vitters had a good game with two runs.

Ok, Here’s something that’s irking me;  They have to drop Maddux’s title of,”Special Assistant to Jim Hendry”  What is a special assistant? The Cubs have just got to give him a title all ready.  He’s a pitching coach.  Admit it.

—Mark Gauthier