Andrew Cashner

A few weeks ago, a great blog Strictly Cubs Baseball  made a post regarding Andrew Cashner and you can find it here.  It was a good article and lately I’ve been thinking about that article because of the way Andrew Cashner has been playing.

Why not put him in the starting rotation.

1. Ryan Dempster

2. Matt Garza

3. Carlos Zambrano

4. Carlos Silva

5. Andrew Cashner


Yup.  I think it’s time to give the young guy the nod.  The Cubs have had great success with their young talent so they should keep that up.

I was thinking Jeff Samardzija, but now it’s Andrew that needs to fill that spot.

—Mark Gauthier


Crosstown Classic…Sort of

The only reason it was sort of like a classic was it wasn’t played in Chicago.  Other than that, yesterday’s game had all the makings of a classic.  Ryan Dempster was in fine form going 4 shutout innings.

Carlos Pena knocked one over the fence showing he might be earning every penny he’s getting paid.

Geovanny Soto got two hits and added an RBI

So far, the Cubs are a respectable 6-8.

Next up is the Reds and I’ve got a toonie on that one.  I’m liking the way the team is progressing and if Dempster pitched the way he did yesterday on Opening Day, I’m sure it’s going to be a classic too.

Only three weeks away!!!

Finally,my sympathies go out to everyone in Japan and their families, it was a horrible disaster yesterday and it’s a lesson in humilty because we just don’t know what’s going to happen. 

–Mark Gauthier

Reasons To Love Baseball

I have this book called, “1001 Reasons to Love Baseball.” I usually read it this time of year when there’s a late season snowstorm or just get excited about the upcoming season.  It’s a great book with well, 1001 insights into baseball.  I’d like to share a few of these thoughts:

430: The season yet to be played.

582: Haray Caray’s,” Holy Cow!”

705: Satchel Paige–pitched 3 scoreless innings for the A’s at the age of 59

706: Seeing a game for free. (Bleacher seats at Ebbetts Field cost fifty cents.

3: Skipping school or calling in sick to go to the park on Opening Day.

8: Taking vacation days to see spring training games.

13:  You’ve got tickets and the weatherman says “it’s going to be a great day for a ball game.”


These as you can see, are only a few and picked throughout the book. It’s a nice read and gets me excited every year.

—Mark Gauthier



What A Game!

So when I tuned into the ballgame yesterday, it was 12-9 and somehow they turned it around and won 14-13?  That’s beautiful.  Don’t worry, I’m not popping champagne just yet, but a come from behind win is a really good sign.

The hitting was spread out evenly which is good to see.Vitters had a good game with two runs.

Ok, Here’s something that’s irking me;  They have to drop Maddux’s title of,”Special Assistant to Jim Hendry”  What is a special assistant? The Cubs have just got to give him a title all ready.  He’s a pitching coach.  Admit it.

—Mark Gauthier


WGN’s first broadcast of 2011

Yesterday was WGN’s first broadcast of the season and I was out and about but came back for the 6th inning.  I got to tell ya that it was great to see everyone back and it felt good to watch grass when outside we got more snow.

DJ LeMahieu.  What can I say?  Just after Len Kasper made a comment about DJ known for his defensive skills then WHAM! he sends the ball over the wall.  Great job!

As you can see, I’ve updated my profile picture.  That’s Darcy and I enjoying our first Cubs game.  My wife Mary Beth couldn’t resist taking the picture.  We’ll have to post a pic when Opening Day gets here.

Great game.  Cubs battled hard and it was good to see Dempster signing some autographs.

—Mark Gauthier

A Lazy Saturday

One of the great things about listening to baseball on the radio is you don’t have the luxury of a visual.  It also seems strange in this day and age where everything is a point and a click away.  Yesterday our family relaxed in the living room as the Cubs powered their way pass the Padres.

We listened to the game on the radio, well through Gameday Audio, but it was almost like a throw back to the days when families listened to the radio at night.  It was nice. 

The Cubs won 9-4 

Although I fell asleep halfway through and caught awoke for a few more innings, it also made me realise how enjoyable baseball is on the radio.

—Mark Gauthier


Cubs Busted By The Texas Rangers

Ok, I was thinking of a really good cliche and the title was all I had.  Not a bad loss loss yesterday considering Castro wasn’t in the line-up and Zambrano went three scoreless innings.

Todays game against the Royals should be interesting with Matt Garza getting the call and Tyler Colvin trying 1st Base.  Brett Jackson is going to be in centerfield.

In regards to the squabble between Silva and Ramirez, Quade didn’t say too much rather chalking it up to frustration.  I’ll buy that.  Everybody’s tense, just don’t let that happen again. 

Anyone want to bet on a Soriano/Byrd scuffle?  I think that would be a good match-up.  I’m kidding.

—-Mark Gauthier

Fight Night!

Yesterday, Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez mixed it up in the dugout  during the first inning after three errors were committed. 

Whether it was nerves, frustration or anger, this has to stop.  They won’t be playing ball in October if this keeps up.  I mean, I know that tensions can get up there at times but these guys do get paid a lot of money so acting professional is a good step in the right direction.

Mike Quade will address the situation today.  Let’s hope they’ll get over it.

Ok, and the Cubs lost.  I’m not worried, in fact a 12-5 loss to a divisional rival is a good thing at this stage.  When they get back to Wrigley, they’ll be polished.

Let me breakdown the game:

I’m eating crow.  I admit I was too harsh on Fukodome.  He’s doing really well in the lead-off with 2 AB and 2 R.  I apologise Kosuke!

Castro has been great with 3 RBI’s

Soriano’s stepping up and Pena’s been finding a groove.

Oh yeah, Welcome back Reed-we missed you!

—-Mark Gauthier

Cubs Beat The Giants

The Cubs had their first win of the 2011 Cactus League season, beating the Giants 3-2.  Dempster, Wells, and Zambrano divided up the innings.  Todd Wellemeyer was credited with the win.


Ok, I wish I could watch every pre season game instead of relying on the box scores for my information.  I can’t wait until Sunday!!

Mike Quade said yesterday that the Philly Flyers and the Green Bay Packers were the sixth seed to make the playoffs,”Why Not Us?”

Everybody agree that the Cubs should lose,”The lovable losers” moniker?  I believe that the Cubs will compete this year.  I believe that they can beat the best teams on any given day, hell, they just the World Series Champs!

The Champs!  All right, so everyone is training and they’re not at their competitive best, but the power of positive thinking can make it happen.

“Why Not Us?”

On Opening Day, everyone’s a Champ!

—Mark Gauthier