A Stinging Defeat

I was excited yesterday to watch the game.  I wasn’t that excited after the first inning.  Ryan Dempster was chased from the mound after the first inning as the D Backs racked up the score 7-0.  Eventually, the Diamondbacks went on to win 11-2.

Frustrated, dissapointed and confused after the month of April.  They should have won last night and Ryan Dempster had the worst April of his career.  It’s not that it’s unnacceptable, after all I still have high hopes for them this year, but there is definetly some changes that have to be made.

I’d put Castro back in the lead-off, Barney in second and Fukodome in third.  I also agree with Strictly Cubs Baseball in saying that Quade is leaving the pitchers in too long.

The team has a lot of positives.  Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney will find their place on this year’s all star team and I can’t stop raving about Kosuke Fukodome’s play.  If I ever met him, I’d buy him a beer for harping on him.  The guy is having a good season.

The best thing Quade can do with Dempster is keep playing him.  Stick to the game plan and encourage Ryan.  After all he’s been around baseball for such a long time that he knows he’s having a rough start so anything to shake his confidence would be disasterous. 

Hang in there Ryan, April showers.  That’s all it is.

—Mark Gauthier



  1. robsanto · April 29, 2011

    Dempster is still my favorite Cub. Even if he is a crazy Canuck 🙂
    Is it May yet?


  2. ronlang44 · April 30, 2011

    I knew that Dempster didn’t have it because he was hitting 87 and 88 with his pitches. When’s he’s successful he’s usually around 90-91. Oh well. At least he’ll be fresh for his next start.




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