Who is Tony Campana?

It always seems when I get on the Cubs case they rebound and upset their opponent.  Maybe I just think I’m their muse or something.   They won 9-3 over the Mets

 One of my biggest concerns is that in the National League, pitchers should know a thing or two about batting.   I’ve harped on this before but when Zambrano can go 3 for 3 that says something.  It means pitchers won’t do the usual bunt or sacrifice.  Carlos Zambrano is a huge threat when he steps up to the plate.  You know, the other thing is Zambrano has far exceeded his expectations this year.

Carlos Pena earned his money by hitting a home run.  I think he’s warmed up a bit and ready to go.

So, who is this kid Tony Campana?  Ok, I’ve asked that question before but I think few would disagree that he’s solidified his place in the lineup and I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves his way up in the order. 

One more time; who is Tony Campana?

My prediction is that the Cubs will make a run for the division title.

Holy Cow!

—Mark Gauthier

One comment

  1. WrigleyRegular · May 27, 2011

    That was a good game for his first start. Now if he would just straighten out that hat!


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