Mistakes happen.  There’s no way around it.  However, it’s learning from those mistakes that matter.  Yesterday, the Cubs made mistakes and it cost them a win.  An important win.  They have to win the games against the division opponents(especially the Pirates).

The aforementioned Pirates beat them 4-2.  It’s good to see Alfonso Soriano get a home run.  Doug Davis said it best about walking six,”There’s no excuse for walking six”  He’s right.  Hey, stuff happens and there’s nothing the Cubs can do about yesterday’s loss.  Today’s a new day and they’ll have to concentrate on the Pirates.

I think the Cubs should groom Tony  Campana on the art of base stealing.  The Cubs have to move the runners and with his speed, they should have no problems.

Another reason the Cubs lost yesterday is the ineffectiveness of the big bats of Castro, Barney and Ramirez.  They got to get that moving or they’ll be in the basement come September.

On the up swing, Carlos Pena is getting it together with two hits and a run.

—Mark Gauthier


  1. I agree, there is not excuse for walking six. It happens, but there is no excuse. It’s always so frustrating to see the offense catch up to the pitching only to have the pitching falter and then vice-versa – I know, I’ve watched California baseball my whole life. 😉
    — Kristen


    • WrigleyRegular · May 28, 2011

      Watching this team is getting harder and harder. I’ll still do it 😉 but it’s not easy. And then 10-0 today. Ugh!!!!


  2. macbeth11 · May 28, 2011

    It’s frustrating because they do have a good team.


    • Mark – I completely agree. They are a good team. If they weren’t it would be easy for fans to just say maybe next year and enjoy each game for what it is. Instead, because they are good, when they go through a rough patch you know how they could be playing and are frustrated. I understand.
      — Kristen


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