Goose Egg, Ottawa Rough Riders and a Tangent

Yesterday’s loss was hard to take.  10-0.  That says it all.  It got me thinking about something else.  I’ve mentioned the Canadian Football League early on in my posts, but I’m going to mention them again.

A few years ago, God it must be 14 years ago, The Ottawa Rough Riders were labeled the worst team in professional sports history by Sports Illustrated.

Here are some of the lows:

  1. They drafted a dead guy
  2. Hired a GM that specialized in marketing.  Maybe it would have been a good idea, but “Rider Rage” of 1988 was nothing short of a whimper because they signed eight of the top free agents in the league only to win two games that year.  Bottom line: Bringing fans to the park doesn’t win ballgames.
  3. Fired a coach who broght them their first .500 season in 11 years.
  4. Had a Mardi Gras promotion where female fans would bare everything for a bead of a necklace.  Problem was this promotion occured near the family fun zone.
  5. They signed Dexter Manley.

There are probably many more but the team’s last year was in 1996 and with a brief return in 2002-2006 with the Ottawa Renegades, but disaster seems to surround this team.

I was the mascot for the Ottawa Rough Riders in 95-96 and when the Merchandise manager says to me,’I think you should talk with a funny voice like Mickey Mouse.” 

 I turn to him and say, “Mascots don’t talk.” 

Maybe this is one of the reasons I love the Cubs.  Someday, they’ll win the World Series and maybe they’ll put together a winning streak.  I loved my Ottawa Rough Riders and their return in 2013.  If we lived in Chicago, I can guarantee my wife would be calling up the Rickett’s, “Can you please send Mark home.”  Just like I was always at Landsdowne Park.

Now, here’s a bit of history for you.  For those of you who have ever wondered if the CFL played the NFL  here’s your answer:

—Mark Gauthier

One comment

  1. Michael David · May 30, 2011

    The Rough Riders remind of the of Indians in ‘Major League’, especially with the dead guy on the roster. “Cross him off the list then.” It makes the Rough Riders lovable like the Cubbies.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’


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