Gone Fishing

The Cubs record improves to 18-23 with a 5-1 victory yesterday over the Marlins.  Today is the big day as the Cubs take on the Red Sox for the first time since 1918.  This is historic folks.  Babe Ruth beat us last time.  They’ve got retro jerseys for the series and with all the hype surrounding it, I’m going to miss it.  Probably one of the biggest series(over hyped maybe) in recent years and I’m going—fishing.  it’s ironic that the Cubs finish up with the Marlins and I go fishing.

We’re heading up north to Barry’s Bay which is a hop skip and a jump to Algonquin Park.  My brother and my dad and I are going to try our luck at some Pike fishing and Trout.  It should be fun, but I’m a little sad that I’ll miss the series.

Next month, the Yankees are coming to town.  I won’t miss that one.

—Mark Gauthier

Cubs Snagged a Marlin

Ok, maybe the spelling is wrong.  Marlon Byrd hit his first home run in, well a long time.  Yes, the game kind of went like the Cubs season.  Back and forth.  Now, the Cubs record stands at 18-23. 

I think they did it for the Gauthier. 

So, let’s just see how the Cubs won the game.  They got big hits by the big guys in the top of the order and how about that home run by Reed Johnson?  I don’t know if Reed will ever make it to Cooperstown, but here’s my argument for why he should be considered or at the very least made an honourary member if that makes sense.  Reed Johnson doesn’t get the big numbers but his consistency and heart exemplify what ballplayers should be and that alone is a great reason why he should be there someday.

All right, where did Tony Campana come from?  Holy Crap he’s quick.  Did you see that play for home?  Wow!!

I can’t wait for the weekend.

—Mark Gauthier

Let’s Do It For The Gauthier

Ok, enough of the pep talk.  The Cubs lost 7-5 to the Reds.  The most difficult part is they had a two run lead going into the eighth inning not only that, but going 2-11 with runners in scoring position.  This is probabably the statistic that will come back to haunt them at the end of the season.

All right, it was raining.  This spring hasn’t been the most beautiful spring.  Blame it on the cold.  I’m just trying to come up with an excuse as to why the Cubs aren’t flying the W flag as much this year.  They have to focus on their divisional rivals and beat them.  They haven’t done that this year and it’s costing the Cubs in the standings.

On paper, they’ve got great pitching, great defence and great hitting, so why aren’t they winning the games?  It’s frustrating.  Soriano and Byrd had no hits last night and they’re your go to guys.  One is an all star and another is getting tons of money so a hit a game isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney can’t be the only ones to carry the Cubs, but it is kind of symbolic that two young kids would considering the team’s name.

The Allstar break is going to come up and the Cubs are going to wonder why Starlin Castro is the only one there.  Remember a few years ago when 7 Cubs were there and they went on to win the Division.

C’mon guys, do it for the Gauthier,

—The Gipper

The Meeting

After yesterday’s loss, Coach Quade held a team meeting. He was embarrased by the loss. I don’t blame him at all. They had a four run lead and fell apart. Now, I’m not going to be harsh because it happens. The Reds are a good team. However, a lead like that has to stay or the Cubs won’t be in the playoff hunt this year. 17-22 is not a good place to be.

Hopefully, the Cubs will get it figured out.

In other news, they sent Tyler Colvin down to Triple A Iowa.

Ok, I’m mixed on this move. Yeah, Colvin was in a slump but to be fair, he wasn’t getting the playing time either. Kosuke Fukodome is having a good year, but I still think Colvin is a better player and maybe they should alternate. Colvin one series, Fukodome the other. The kid has to play, no question about it.

—Mark Gauthier

Cubs Greatest Hits

The Chicago Cubs trounced the St Louis Cardinals yesterday. Just simply trounced them, 11-4.  They collected 17 hits.  Mike Quade can finally breathe and so can the rest of the Cubs fans. What’s that CCR song, “Bad Moon on The Rise.”?  It took a rain delay and a powerful storm to get the job done.

Matt Garza was incredible and collected his second win of the season.  Starlin Castro, slump? What slump?  The kid got 4 hits and 3 RBI’s–He’s back!

These are the games the Cubs need to win in order to keep up the pace in the NL Central. 

Yes indeed, the Cubs were great yesterday now if they can somehow get Colvin involved in the game.

—Mark Gauthier




The Finer Things In Life

Today, I’d thought I would look back on some of the finer points of life.  Of course, they’re in no particular order.


Now that summer is here and the sun peeks through windows and we don’t have to turn on furnaces.  Whether you prefer charcoal or propnane, nothing beats the aroma of a steak grilling in hickory sauce with a touch of HP


Pick your favourite brew and enjoy.  Again, I’m a worldly type of person so it depends on the season and the mood but try a Carlsberg or a Blue Moon with that steak.  MMMN


If you have children, give them a hug play ball and make em’ laugh.  If you don’t, borrow your neighbour’s child, your niece or nephew and make em’ laugh.  It’s worth it.

Significant Other

Give them a kiss, give them a hug, do something nice.  Make sure you ask them how they would like their steak and what beer would they like.

The reason?

Cubs vs Cards tonight!!!!!

—Mark Gauthier