Leading Off With a Promise

Kosuke Fukodome promised Cubs fans something great after leading off with a home run.  However, things kinda fizzled out afterwards.  It was a beautiful day for baseball and our son Darcy and I had a great nap throughout most of the game while Mary Beth was out and about doing errands.

The funny part was I woke up just around the same time that Aramis Ramirez got beaned at third base.  Looking at the recap, I don’t know why Kerry Wood was pulled so quickly.  He was doing all right.

So, Matt Garza comes back next week and I think in the next two weeks, we’ll see some more guys coming off the DL and hopefully the Cubs will be able to put up some more wins.

Next weekend, we’re going to Toronto to see a Blue Jays game against the Red Sox.  It’s an early Father’s Day present and we’re planning to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame as well.

If the Hockey Hall of Fame is anything like Cooperstown, we’re in for a treat.  We’ll be staying overnight in Toronto and hang out at the Hall.  Saturday is the Meet and Greet with the players and maybe we might get to shake hands with Jose Bautista.  It’s always great to witness greatness and in light of the scandals that have happened in the last years, seeing Bautista make a run for the record is truly inspiring.

I’m also looking forward to posting some pictures of the game and the Hockey Hall of Fame.  I’m a history buff and when we were at Cooperstown and standing a few feet from Babe Ruth’s bat was incredible.  Now, imagine being a few feet from Wayne Gretzky’s stick?  Wow!

—Mark Gauthier


  1. Red State Blue State · June 2, 2011

    Sweet! Enjoy Toronto! I look forward to the pics!


  2. WrigleyRegular · June 2, 2011

    I’ve heard Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Enjoy the trip and looking forward to your pics


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