Ozzie Guillen Gives Vote of Confidence

White Sox 3

Cubs 2

The Cubs couldn’t come up with the win.  With the rain delay in the 5th, I switched over to the Jays game and they weren’t doing well.  I have to admit I did try to stay up but either age or exhaustion, those late games are wearing out their welcome.  I fell asleep.

What I watched of the game, I saw what the Cubs could have been at the start of the season.  They played really well for the most part.  Starlin Castro has got to tighten up those mistakes.  In hockey, there’s a golden rule: Keep your stick on the ice. 

In baseball, it’s: Keep your foot on the bag!

On the plus side, Ozzie Guillen has said that the Cubs can win the NL Central.  I think they still got a shot.  I’ve said all along that once the DL gets shorter and the way the guys are playing now, there’s no reason why they can’t win the division.  Carlos pena is giving Alfonso Soriano a run for the HR lead and Starlin Castro(with the exception of the mistakes) is challenging for a spot in the all star game.  Reed Johnson is playing great as usual and of course rookies Darwin Barney and Tony Campana are doing well.


On a side note, maybe it really has something to do with age but Mike Quade managed my hometown Ottawa Lynx in 1993.  I completely forgot.  I knew he looked familiar.

—Mark Gauthier

One comment

  1. mlblogsbluejaysnest · June 22, 2011

    At 10 games out it’s going to be rough, but with injuries to the Cards, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. The Cubs certainly had the talent, injuries just really slowed them down. To make matters worse it looks like the Pirates may be a somewhat respectable team this year. Haven’t been able to say that in almost 20 years now.



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