There’s No Place like A Homer

So the $10 million dollar man Carlos Pena, hit his third home run in the Crosstown series.  So why can’t they win the close ones?  I don’t know.  Get ready for the rematch because not only do they play by NL rules, but I’m expecting some more players to come off the DL list.  So, here’s the quote of the week:

“We’re winning as a team and losing as a team.” Doug Davis said. 

I don’t know what to make of this quote.  It’s not something I’d say however I guess if it’s what motivates the team then it’ll have to do.

Back to Carlos Pena.  He’s the first Cubs player to homer in three consecutive games since, you guessed it; Derrick Lee.  The man he replaced.  Isn’t that crazy?

Next up is the Royals tomorrow and I’m predicting a sweep for the Cubs.


  1. mlblogsbluejaysnest · June 24, 2011

    Teams like the Royals are meant to be swept. Hope the Cubs don’t waste the opportunity.


  2. Sweep the Royals, please. Few others seem able to do it this season. I don’t know what to make of the quote either. I take it losing as individuals would be worse then, somehow?
    — Kristen


  3. bob3472 · June 25, 2011

    Haven’t been following Pena much this year since he left the division, but 3 home runs in 3 games is well, impressive. Yet, the Cubs are paying $10 million to a guy who is batting .220.


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