Cubs Have Too Much Brew

The Cubs lost a close one to the Brewers yesterday. It could be that Dale Sveum knows them all too well or that they just down right got beat by a better team. Ok, nobody’s predicting the Cubs in October and if in the odd chance they do make it, workplaces across America will be empty.

You could say that this year is the type of year that is experimental and to,”See what ya got, kid.” Hey, but that still doesn’t excuse Starlin Castro’s recent mental breakdowns.

I like Dale Sveum and I hope he’s around for a long time.  The key to any great club is stability and to tell you the truth folks, the Cubs haven’t had that stability in a long time. Not in my lifetime anyway.

Cheer up Dale, the Cubs are on their way, Hey Hey!

I mean, there are some bright spots this year in Tony Campana and David DeJesus. They’re fun to watch and that’s a good thing.

Ryan Dempster has said that he’d move if the Cubs asked him. I like Ryan and he’s struggled with the team this year but he needs a new place and I hope he lands in Toronto. Just saying…

Take Care,


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