Opening Day Traditions

The annual tradition in our household is to celebrate opening day by taking off work and having a party. We call it our, “Cub’s Day.”
It’s not really about watching the Cubs play(Yeah, it is)it’s more about saying,”See ya!” to another Canadian Winter and as many of you know, it’s been a struggling winter throughout our beloved countries.
We enjoy the first BBQ of the season which in the past involved ribs, burgers, steaks and other mouth watering char broiled delicacies. We also have ballpark snacks like nachos with cheese dip and peanuts and caramel corn.
This year, we’re going to try to bring Chicago to our household by having authentic Chicago cuisine. I’ve never been to the city but I believe that Italian sausage is a delicious tradition.
I found a recipe online and here it is:
Chicago Style Peppers and Sausage
It calls for Jack Daniel’s but we’re going to try it with beer.
If anyone has other recipes or suggestions let me know.
A lot of people scratch their heads as to why we take off Opening Day, especially in this country, but I think part of it is spending the day with the family and the other part of it is taking the day off of work to watch the Cubs!

Here’s a little taste of Spring Training.

Play Ball!

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  1. This is a very simple game... · February 22, 2013

    Welcome back to blogging Mark. I’ve been enjoyng your posts! I think taking the day off sounds like a lovely tradition! Enjoy, enjoy!
    The family that owns one of the wineries I love (Midnight Cellars) is from Chicago originally (but they’re White Sox fans) and when they do Chicago nights in Paso Robles they always fly in ribs, if’n you want something Chicago-ish but still want to stick with the grill tradition.


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