We Believe

CT ct-spt-0226-cubs-spring-training-chicago-036.jpg

I met someone on the weekend who has season seats for the Cubs. Now, you might think, “So what?” but to this baseball fan I thought it was really cool that I talked to someone who has actually sit in the Friendly Confines. You know what he said to me? “Two in a row, brother.”
He called me brother. Then I began to realise that maybe that is what Cubs fans mean to each other. We’re some form of family that stretches across nations and seas and continents. We share a belief that someday we’ll be there when this drought of a championship ends. Yup, we believe.
I’m a little disappointed with Apple TV. We bought it thinking that we could watch every Spring Training game, or at least the ones that are broadcast. Apparently we can’t. It’s available on the X-Box but not Apple TV. That sucks. I feel like I wasted my money. Not that it matters too much. We’ll have the regular season and I can watch the spring games online, but disappointed by it all.
In other news, The Cubs lost a close one to the Dodgers but the good news is that they continued to show the emerging talent pool with Wellington Castillo, Nate Shierholtz and Darnell McDonald all hitting home runs. Up next they play the Rockies today at 2pm.
Alfonso Soriano could be a Yankee. I think it would be a great fit and you know that would open up some cash for the Cubs. I think it’s inevitable.
Play Ball!


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