Out of Rangers

Yesterday was a great St. Patrick’s Day. We went up to see my folks and spent a great time there. Then when we came home and I flipped on the ol’tube(I guess they can’t call it that anymore)there wasn’t one, but two Cubs games on! Oh the stress of having to choose!

I didn’t get a chance to watch them all the way through but I did see a good chunk of the Rangers/Cubs match up!

The Cubs kept it close, eventually dropping an 8-5 decision to the Texas powerhouse. Who says that Spring Training can’t be exciting? After an amazing supper of steak and potatos, I caught the 9th inning when the Cubs tried a rally of a comeback to have the bases loaded, two out-now that’s a game!

Nate Sheirholtz got a home run and so did Tim Saunders making it their 2nd and 1st Home Runs this spring.

You know, since we got our Apple Tv, yesterday was the first time I actually had the chance to sit down and watch the Cubs on our screen and it looked great!!! Highly recomend for those who don’t own one.

The Cubs travel to Peoria to square off against the Padres today. The start of the season is only two weeks away!!!


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