Opening Day Lineup

All right, here is the projected Opening Day Lineup:

1. CF: David DeJesus
2. SS: Starlin Castro
3. 1B: Anthony Rizzo
4. LF: Alfonso Soriano
5. RF: Nate Schierholtz
6. C: Welington Castillo
7. 3B: Luis Valbuena
8. 2B: Darwin Barney
9. SP: Jeff Samardzija

I’m not sure about Darwin Barney batting in the 8th spot. I’d move him up to fifth with Nate in 8th. However, if it were up to me and don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting Dale Sveum’s managerial decisions but I’d try and put Jorge Soler in the lineup maybe even Almora in as well. I’m a huge fan of putting in the kids. I know baseball trys to keep the prospects down for as long as possible, but in this case let them play. Chicago has nothing to prove except pulling out all the stops this year. So why not put them in?

Is everyone getting ready for the regular season? I hope all your favourite teams do well this year, but I really hope the Cubs win it all. I like Castillo. I think he’s going to be excellent this year and a true “sleeper” player this year.

Ernie Banks will be there Opening Day as well as Fergie Jenkins and Williams. It’s going to be great!!!

Our son who’s two and a half asked me the other day,”Daddy, I want to watch Cubbies with you.” So I answered,”We can watch the Cubs on tv.” and he said,” No, not TV.” and I told him that Chicago is far away but Mommy you and I will get there some day. “Ok, Daddy”

And so traditions begin. Hopes, dreams and that eternal quest for the World Series begins. I believe the Cubs have a shot at the Series. “Daddy, the Blue Jays are going to win, everybody knows that.”



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