“Ìt`s Only One Win, But I Like It Yes I Do“

With the Rolling Stones set to make a tour announcement this morning, I thought I`d bring everyone up to speed on the surreal. Ok, so it was Pittsburgh, but a win is still a win for the Cubs. What better way to kick off the 2013 season than a home run for Anthony Rizzo. He hadn`t hit one all spring training and then on Monday he sets one on fire and if I can recall, it almost landed in the pond.

What was good about yesterday`s victory. Jeff Samardzija(with that hard to spell last name) proved why Epstein and company are believing in him.

“That was probably as good a game as he’s pitched starting his career,” Sveum said.

Carlos Marmol got pulled in the ninth and as much as I hate to see it, Marmol`s days are numbered in a Cubs uniform.

“He’s still the closer,” Sveum said. “I’m not making any changes or anything like that, he just didn’t have it today.”

–Yeah, that`s a sign that says,“Get your ass in gear.“

Listen, It`s only game one, but i like it.

Let`s see that one again, shall we



One comment

  1. Minoring In Baseball · April 5, 2013

    Well….the Tigers just re-signed Valverde to a minor league deal, so you know Detroit won’t trade for him. Maybe the Cubs will use the closer-by-committee?


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