Ain’t That A Pitch?

Why is it that the pitchers are the only ones showing up to batting practice? Scott Feldman hit his first home run in a losing cause to the Cincinnati Reds last night 7-4.

“It felt good,” Feldman said of his big hit. “But now, I don’t even feel like I hit a home run, because I kind of ruined it with that pitch I hung to Hanigan. It felt good at the time [to hit it]. I could go the rest of my career without getting a home run, if I could win the game.”

The Cubs got off to an early three run lead but the Reds came back in the fourth inning to take a 5-3 lead eventually winning 7-4.

I’m not taking anything away from Scott Feldman’s two run homer, believe me, I’m glad he’s hitting the ball. I’m really glad the pitcher’s are scoring, but look at the box score and it will tell you all the information you need to know about the Cubs problems and what needs to be fixed.

Ryan Sweeney, Luis Valbuena and Dioner Navarro each scored the runs for the Cubs. Where was Anthony Rizzo? Sure Starlin, David, and Nate all got hits but there was no run support for Feldman.

Here’s my new batting order:

1. Starlin Castro
2. David Dejesus
3. Alfonso Soriano
4. Anthony Rizzo
5. Nate Schierholtz
6. Darwin Barney
7. Wellington Castillo
8. Luis Valbuena
9. Pitcher

Going into the game, the Cubs were .216 with runners in scoring position. Last. Dead last. That statistic has to change if the Cubs are going to do any damage in the standings.

The series continues today at 4:10 eastern. Travis Wood gets the start.


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