Cubs Feeling Athletic

When I saw that the Cubs were playing the Oakland Athletics for the first time in Oakland, my reaction was,”They never played there before?”

It’s going to be a tough series. Oakland is in a playoff hunt and is looking at this series as a doormat into the Series.

Scott Feldman takes to the mound and is looking for his eighth win of the season.

“They’ve always been a tough team for me,” Feldman said. “They’ve got some tough outs in the lineup and guys who put up good at-bats against me. I’ve just got to watch some video and make an adjustment and hopefully do better than I have in the past.”

This could be a golden opportunity for the Cubs to play spoiler to these playoff bound teams. Oakland is .05 game out of first and let’s face it, the Cubs have nothing to lose. This series could be a shining moment for prospects and trade baits to strut their stuff.

Game time is 10:05 eastern.


There’s word out of the Dodgers camp that Carlos Marmol might be joining them on their roster. The details of what the terms were are vague or what the Cubs will receive in return, but I can guarantee that a change of scenery is just what Carlos Marmol needs to get his head back into the game.

Marmol’s best season was 2010 when he saved 38 games.


One comment

  1. Dave · July 2, 2013

    You might be right about Marmol. He wasn’t a good fit with the Cubs any longer. Losing support of the fans wasn’t easy for Marmol but, it’s part of the game. He’s one of the pitchers I often refer to as, a heater who, won’t give up any heat for location. He has the basics, and he just needs a place to settle down.


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