Schierholtz Charms The Snakes


I’ve been chirping about the praise of Nate Schierholtz for some time now. I think since the season started. Last night, the Chicago Cubs beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, 7-6 in twelve innings. All right, they squeaked one out to be exact, but a win is a win.

Schierholtz hit a three run walloper in the sixth inning plus a game winning double in the 12th inning. At the start of the season did anyone predict that he’d be the crusher he turned out to be for the Cubs? I didn’t. It sure would have been nice though to see him in the All Star Game.

“I’m feeling a lot better now,” Schierholtz said. “The All-Star break definitely helped, and so did the cortisone shot. I feel like I’m doing well now, and I’m trying to help the team.”

The other story that’s been circulating for the past week is the incredible play of Junior Lake. I don’t think there’s too many people out there who hasn’t talked about this kid. He can do it all. Last night was a possible future All Star lineup with David Dejesus, Junior lake and Starlin Castro in the 1,2,3 spot. I liked it a lot.

Junior Lake went 2 for 5 with an RBI Double. Remember the little problem the Cubs had with RISP’s, well it seems Junior Lake has solved the woes for the Cubs. The kid is batting .519 and has gotten 14 hits in 5 games. Is it too late for a Rookie of the Year Award?

“He’s showing right now he’s playing with a ton of confidence that he really belongs here,” Theo Epstein said. “This is the league he feels he’s ready for and he’s going out and showing it.”

It’s still too early to make any assessment on how well the kid plays, but I think he’s the real deal.

In the on going development of, “Where is Soriano going”, it appears that he has waived his No Trade Clause with a possible deal to the Yankees.

“I said in Spring Training, I’d like to finish my contract here,” Soriano said. “But at the same time, I want another chance to get in the playoffs, to get in the World Series. I’d be more than happy if we start playing better and I’ve got a chance to win here. But I’m 37, so I want to have one more chance to go to the World Series. If they don’t have that in their minds, if they’re preparing the team for 2015, 2016, it’s too late for me. At the same time, I try to be a champion here. If not, I have to try to do that somewhere.”

I can’t blame the guy for wanting to win a championship. The team is in a good spot right now, but won’t contend for another couple of years. He needs the change and the Cubs need the players.

Carlos Villanueva gets the ball as the Cubs try to make it two in a row tonight. Game time is 9:40pm


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