Alfonso Soriano is a Yankee


This was Alfonso Soriano’s last game in a Chicago Cubs uniform. It was a game he didn’t play in and the Cubs lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 3-1. Kind of fitting don’t you think?

The truth is that the Cubs were outmatched last night against Kirk Gibson’s Diamondbacks, but in the end, this was all about Alfonso Soriano.

“I always respect the fans, always play hard for the fans, because I know they love the team and like to see the team doing well,” Soriano said. “I always tried to do my best playing for the Cubs and tried to be a champion here. It didn’t happen, so I hope it happens in the future. Now I have to think about my new team.”

Now it’s official, the Chicago Cubs are Theo Epstein’s team.

Alfonso Soriano started his Cubs career in 2007 and has been the anchor for the team through some tumultuous times. He didn’t end the curse, he couldn’t bring the Cubs their first World Series since 1908 but he was a leader in the clubhouse for younger players and when his bat struck the ball and the ball soared past the pitcher’s mound out into left field over the ivy and sometimes into one Ball Hawk’s lucky glove on the streets outside Wrigley Field; it was a reminder to keep the faith. Good times are ahead. We will win again.

“We got everybody together to say our goodbyes,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “It’s emotional for all of us. You don’t usually gather teams together that often when people are traded to say goodbyes. That just shows the kind of person he is.”

I think for me the one thing I’ll miss most about Soriano is the swagger and confidence he showed after hitting one of those dingers. it was that look of,”Yeah, that’s not coming back” he’d toss the bat and strut his way to 1st base. If you haven’t seen it, watch for it. Very cool.

It’s easy to critize star players when they’re not playing well and I’m one of those guys. When Soriano was hot, he was gold, but when he wasn’t playing well and dropping balls; well, I’m ashamed to say it, but he was public enemy number 1. I think he knew it too because no matter the critic, Soriano always seems to bounce back with one of those trademark streaks.

“I think they’re making the right decisions,” Soriano said. “They have a lot of young talent, and I hope that talent progresses and helps them become a champion. The front office is very smart and I think they know what they’re doing.”

I’m going to miss you Fonzi.


One comment

  1. Dave · July 26, 2013

    Going to miss Soriano, and he speaks highly of a FO of which, I have a very strong wait & see opinion at best.
    With the kind of organization in development Epstein is trying to build he has an odd way of showing it.
    Soriano would have been master chef at mentoring, and encouraging these young players to a championship.
    Soriano could have finished the season, as-is. Older but, he has power, and hustle.

    He could have remained at his choice, the 2014 emergency go-to DH in inter league games, and otherwise PH as necessary. All of that while mentoring the youngsters. While finally in 2015 becoming a full time coach.

    Epstein lost an important menu item for the type of organization he claims to be building.


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