Cubs Slay Giants

Chicago Cubs v San Francisco Giants

The Chicago Cubs finally did what has been eluding them all season, they scored with runners in scoring position. They also fought hard for a comeback win in the ninth to down the San Francisco Giants 3-2.

Anthony Rizzo drove in Julio Borbon and Junior lake in the ninth.

It was a wild finish, but these are the close games that the Cubs have to win. It’ll give them momentum and confidence in the future. I’m happy with the trades they’ve made in July, a little mixed with the Soriano deal, but I understand why they had to do it. The Cubs are in a good position right now.

“I’m of the belief that you’re never one player away,” Cubs’ GM Theo Epstein said. “If you think you’re one player away, you’re getting desperate and asking for trouble. It’s the single biggest factor in whether or not you have a chance to legitimately contend is the overall health of the organization. In time, the overall health of the organization, the overall talent of the organization will manifest itself at the big league level with a little bit of patience.”

He’s absolutely right. Throughout the years Cubs fans have said that, myself included, “One player away” but when does that one player arrive? The Soriano deal needed to be done and I can only imagine Cubs fans everywhere wiping their brows and letting out a huge sigh that the Cubs can finally let go of that huge chunk of change. my question though is, What if Alfonso Soriano wasn’t signed to that big contract. What if he was just another 37 year old power hitter that provided leadership in the clubhouse? Would he have still been dealt?

Which brings me to another player who can possibly fill in Soriano’s role.

Nate Schierholtz who was returning to San Francisco in a Cubs uniform got a double in the game and continues his great July.

“The fans were great to me, from days at the ballpark and just around the city and outside the city, everyone was always great to the players here,” he said. “It’s awesome playing here and being on a couple winning teams.”

I really hope Nate doesn’t get traded. The Cubs need him in the clubhouse for his consistency and his two World Series rings for guidance and mentorship.

“I haven’t spent a second thinking about being traded,” he said Friday. “Every year, you hear so many names thrown around. … I can’t control it. If you go a week worrying about it and you don’t get traded, it’s a lot of worry for nothing. I love it here, and I’d like to stay a Cub. Hopefully, I don’t go anywhere.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The Cubs will be looking to continue their winning ways when Chris Rusin takes to the mound. Game time is 9:40pm



  1. Dave · July 27, 2013

    Jackson looked good. Can he get beyond this, and look better? He seems to do well when, he’s working variable speeds on pitches. Location!


  2. Dave · July 27, 2013

    Couldn’t believe that hit by Rizzo down the line. Awesome comeback! Glad I found this site. Grew up in Chicago and now live in Florida. Thank god for WGN and your blog too!


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