Cubs Left With A Goose Egg

CT Cubs4.JPG

There’s few things in life that are more beautiful and amazing then a sunny afternoon game at Wrigley Field. Unless of course, you’re on the receiving end of a 5-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. Two teams having polar opposites and the seasons this year clashed and the mighty won out.

It’s not to say the Cubs had a truly horrible game because that’s not true. They played decent enough however, the word, “Frustration” would be a great word for the happenings yesterday on the field.

“Getting shut out and getting nothing going at all today, it’s frustrating,” Dale Sveum said. “It’s frustrating for the guys in the clubhouse, too. They’re plugging away as best they can and not getting anything to show for it.”

The Cubs only managed two hits, but when you look at how many fly outs and ground outs that happened all game, well, it’s no wonder then that the Cubs came up short. It kind of made me wish Alfonso Soriano was back in the lineup yesterday.

“A lot of guys are getting opportunities to step up and take advantage of it,” Anthony Rizzo said. “It’s not only myself who wants to, but guys on this team, especially guys who haven’t been here all year”.

But when the opportunities are getting taken away like they did yesterday, there’s nothing Rizzo could have done to change anything. it just boils down to bad luck.

The other thing to keep in mind is Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney both had the day off so who knows? Maybe the outcome would have been different. Then again, both Castro and Barney have struggled quite a bit this season.

“The bottom line with that is laying off the breaking ball. The bottom line is hitting the fastball. That’s where it all starts, and it’s been around for 100 years. If you can’t hit the fastball, you can’t play in the big leagues.’’ said Sveum.

So, the Cubs take a day off to lick their wounds before the much despised St. Louis Cardinals visit Wrigley Field. Ok, I can say this; Will the Cubs play spoiler for a sweep? Or will the mighty red birds separate themselves from the pack?


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