The Cubs Get Down To Business

CT spt-cubs-spring-training-opener-0228-039.JPG

All the Pomp of opening a new facility with the Cubs Park is over. It’s an amazing venue and the sellout crowd wasn’t disappointed. Well, at least it was comfortable.

Len and JD were in fine form broadcasting from a warm sunny place. Welcome back boys. We missed you!

I think the thing to take out of any spring training game is that expectations are to evaluate what is working and what isn’t working. Starlin Castro went two for two and looked like the superstar the Cubs were looking for all those years ago. He hit the ball in the sweet spot between first and second. If you look throughout the history of the game, I believe that spot has scored more runs than any other spot on the field. Give me a good bounce any day. The question for Starlin is, “Will he just try to get on base?” He’s the lead off hitter. Get on base, that’s it. No fancy stuff, just hit the ball.

That was a good test for the Cubs facing the Diamondbacks and Paul Goldshmidt. They’re tough and will get everything rolling with the Cubs.

“It feels just like another game,” the Cubs’ Rick Renteria said. “We’re getting ready for the season and today’s the first day of basically a test to see how everybody’s doing. We’re going to use [Spring Training] to see what aspects of the game we need to improve on and basically see where everybody’s at.”

That comes from the man himself. Hey, I like Rick. He’s laid back, but his eyes are always on what’s going on the field. He’s taking notes and evaluating. Believe me folks when I tell you that the Cubs are in good hands.

In front of a sellout crowd hungry for baseball, even though the Cubs lost, they won the crowd.


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