Hey Cubs, I’m Ready To Play

I could pull out a pun in yesterday’s 7-5 loss against the Colorado Rockies, but I’ve made a solemn oath to keep all puns to a minimum this season. Yes, although it’s tempting, I’ve got to refrain from such demeaning attempts at humour against my beloved Northsiders.

Javier Baez continues to impress this spring with his raw power begging the question, “How long is too long before he’s ready?”

Rick, Theo, Jed; Hell, Mr. Ricketts:

Javier Baez is ready! Find him a spot on the roster for Opening Day. Please find him a spot. Don’t make me whip out John Fogerty’s song because I’ll march right down to the offices at Wrigley Field no matter how cold it is in Chicago because folks, it’s cold in the windy city but it’s colder in Canada. I’m used to this adversity and I will stand outside with a borrowed guitar and sing “Centerfield” at the top of my lungs and well, I really can’t play and my singing is best kept inside the friendly confines of my Hyundai. Trust me.

Yesterday, Javier cracked another home run. Yes, how many home runs? He’s got two Keep it coming. Also, Catcher George Kottaras banged a zinger over the fence. Whatever happens this spring, Rick Renteria has it tough.

Before I pack my guitar and my bags and head on down to those offices, I’m not getting excited, it’s only spring ball and there’s plenty of games and evaluations left. The cobwebs are getting dusted and Jeff Samardzija is cleaning the Shark Tank out.

He looked a little shaky but it was his first start and I’m not the least bit worried.

The Cubs play the Indians today, going to be a good one!

Ok, I can’t resist.


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