Opening Night 2014


This is it. No more practicing and no more Arizona. The Cubs will face the Pittsburgh Pirates tomorrow at 1:05 Eastern time. The journey begins. Opening Night is upon us as the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers square off against the San Diego Padres tonight.

From this day on until the end of October, there will be days of, “I’ll come to bed after this inning.” or “I’m not feeling well today” with the receiver on speaker phone as the person double fists a pint and chips waiting for that afternoon game. Ah, baseball’s back and the Cubs are tied for first.

There will be some questions like, “Will the Boston Red Sox repeat?” or “How will Miggy Cabrera’s contract take the Detroit Tigers to the next level” of course Mike Trout’s contract extension puts some much needed confidence into an underperforming Los Angeles Angels.

Now, don’t hate me when I say this but I’m intrigued about the Pittsburgh Pirates and in particular Andrew McCutchen. They’re on the verge of doing something big.

Now that I’ve said that, onto the Cubs. Spring Training is about hope and dreams. Today, the Chicago Cubs are in first place. The only team they have to compete with is themselves and they have to prove to the fans that they’re the team that Theo, Jed and the Ricketts set out to be.

Believe it.



  1. Dave · March 30, 2014

    Man! Brilliant minds think alike!!!!!!


  2. Minoring In Baseball · March 30, 2014

    Best of luck to the Cubbies this season! Hopefully we can find an establishment that will turn on the Cubs game and the Tigers! Happy Opening Day!


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