Opening Day 2014 Part 2–The Cubs


Yesterday I touched on the hopes and dreams of the Cubs. It doesn’t look like any of the experts and critics are putting the Cubs on their top ten list this year. Maybe not even their top twenty list.

Rick Renteria will face the biggest adversity of his career this year. Can he become that legend in Cubs lore? Will he be the skipper leading his squad to the post season and the World Series? It won’t be this year unless the stars align and miracles happen.

“My biggest concern is the guys who are here,” Rick Renteria said. “I understand all the youngsters are developing and moving along, which is great, but they’ll be here when they get here. I think as a manager, I have a team. I have a team of guys who have been here, and I have to make sure they understand I’m pulling for them. The other aspects that fall into place will take care of themselves.”

I’m not going to be that guy who brings the optimism down a few notches but there’s going to be a lot of bobbled throws from third to first and somehow the sun’s going to find its way into the eyes of the outfield. There won’t be a 20K day for one of the hotshot pitchers and a still “Trying to find myself” Starlin Castro just might locate that wonder kid that we’ve seen flashes of in his young career. I still remember that day in 2010 when he got a home run at his first at bat, hearing Ron Santo almost peeing his pants with all the excitement. Santo, you’ll be watching over the kids this year from high above Wrigley in that Broadcaster’s Booth in the sky cheering the boys on. Miss ya, man.

“It’s completely positive,” Starlin Castro said of the attitude in Cubs camp. “Everything we talk about in here is positive, how we can win with this team, how we can prepare to compete in the season. The [NL] Central division is hard, but it doesn’t matter. If you play the game right, you have a chance.”

You heard it from the man. Play the game right, Cubs.

Opening Day is here.

Believe it!

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