Cubs Lose Opener But Win With Bonifacio

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates

How was your opening day? Let me tell you, the sun was shining and the temperature hit a balmy high of 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that’s baseball weather. The Cubs 1-0 loss to the Pirates was a letdown because both teams played hard and if the game is any indication to how the Cubs are going to play this year, well judging from Emilio Bonifacio’s performance, the Cubs are going to make it worth every penny that people pay to come to Wrigley Field this summer.

What can you say about the guy? Emilio went 4-5 and even though he got caught in the rundown, it was a play that would never have happened during the Sveum years. The Cubs need all the runs they can get so seeing Emilio run through those bases while keeping his eye on the guy at second making sure he’s in place. The Cubs got a bargain signing Bonifacio. As my son Darcy says,”Oh no Daddy, they left him stranded again.” That’s his favourite baseball term and he’s three years old. Obviously, he doesn’t watch the Cardinal’s games. Emilio Bonifacio will definitely lower those stranded runners.

As trade talks heat up with Jeff Samardzija, he goes on to pitch a beauty, well give credit where it’s due but Francisco Liriano pitched a good one too. I’m still on the fence with Samardzija. Does he want out of Chicago? or is it just for the money? I don’t know and don’t care. Keep throwing strikes and everyone will be happy.

“That’s what we’re looking for,” Samardzija said. “Obviously, we’re going to take a hit on [the number of] strikeouts, but that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is keeping your pitch count down and getting your offense back in the dugout. That’s what we’re going to go for this year, is attacking the zone and making smart pitches and go for the strikeout when we need it, and ultimately just go out there and pitch so when you need the extra 20 pitches, we’ll be able to reach down and go get those.”

We saw the first challenge of the year when Samardzija bunted to the left and Pedro Alvarez threw to a covering Neil Walker at first. It was a clear out but Rick Renteria challenged it and goes into the history books.

Did you like the new Cubs road jerseys? I love them. If the Cubs have a miserable season, well they’ll go down looking good. That jersey is all ready on my Christmas list.

Game one. Believe it.


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