Cubs Go On The Offensive.


It’s almost like deja vu today when the Cubs face the Pirates. This time it’s on home turf and this time Emilio Bonifacio is on a tear. So, who would have thought that Emilio Bonifacio, a late addition to the club, would set everything on fire and be the sleeper player on the Cubs this year. I didn’t think that did you? So what’s wrong with this picture?

Bonifacio is well in front with 14 hits on the team. There’s a two way tie between Anthony Rizzo and Junior Lake for second with 6 hits. Keep this in mind when you consider that last year his total hits were 102 hits playing in 136 games. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s MVP caliber stats. Now, if he keeps up the pace. He’s a switch hitter and that’s a valuable player to have on the Cubs.

“It would be impossible for us to believe he would maintain the clip he had through the Pittsburgh series but when he gets to the plate, he tries to work the count, he tries to get on, and when he gets on base, he wants to wreak havoc on the pitchers and the opposition,” said Cubs manager Rick Renteria. “It’s good for him to be part of our club.”

His OBP is .548 a great number for a leadoff hitter. This begs the question of, “What is wrong with the other players?” The Cubs have 3 RBI’s on the season from Anthony Rizzo and Ryan Kalish. Arizona Diamondbacks Mark Trumbo has 13. It doesn’t mean much right now, because Arizona isn’t doing too well and the Cubs well, the Cubs are the Cubs. However, watch those numbers in July and see the difference in the standings between the two clubs. The Cubs need to score runs. The good news is that Bonifacio is tied for the lead in hits. The bad news in that statistic is it doesn’t mean jack if the Cubs leave the runners stranded.

In a perfect world, Bonifacio in the leadoff ripping the leather off the ball. He’s a base stealer so this is good news. Next up is Starlin Castro would be an extra base hitter and then Anthony Rizzo would send the leather off of the ball into orbit. There’s your runs right there.

The problem as we are seeing is the two key guys in Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo have been less than stellar in their performance. I think it’s still too early to worry about it, but Rick Renteria should at least feel a little concerned with their performance. Bonifacio can’t and won’t continue his pace, the Cubs need help from their big guns.

Believe it!


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