Cubs Hit Wall Against Reds

CT ct-spt-0421-cubs-reds-127.jpg

After cruising to an 8-4 victory against the Reds on Saturday, it was like the Cubs said,”All right, it’s your turn today.” as they stumbled 8-2.

No matter how anyone sticks a fresh coat of paint on it, the fact is the Cubs continued to struggle at getting runners in scoring position. They’ve got the talent, but winning is going to be hard to come by if they’re not scoring runs.

“That’s what wins ballgames, right there, is two-out hitting and doing the little things right and getting guys over,” Mike Olt said. “Once we can start doing that — and we’ve had games when we’ve done that and those are games we’ve won. We have to continue to grind and we’ll figure it out.”

It’s a nice way of saying,” We didn’t get the job done and boy, we sure could use a guy like Javier Baez”

All right, that was a little presumptuous, but you can’t fault a guy for trying.

Jose Veras is on his way back to the closer role and saw limited action yesterday in the seventh. I’m not convinced he’s their guy just yet. He’s been struggling this year. The Cubs could be looking elsewhere.

“Today, as lopsided as the score might have been, we still had second and third in the ninth,” Rick Renteria said. “From the seventh through the ninth, we ended up getting on base and swinging the bat. Obviously we didn’t score enough but it wasn’t like they quit.”

No, they didn’t quit, but they didn’t win either. look, I’m not expecting them to win the whole thing this season, but if they continue to improve and show fans that guys like Bonifacio, Rizzo, Castro and Olt, all right, I still like Junior Lake, can be the guys of the future, then we’ll be happy.

Tonight, the Cubs take on the Diamondbacks and it should be an easy series win for the Northsiders.

Believe It.



  1. Rob · April 21, 2014

    This team sucks. I hate to be so down, particularly since I’m watching the sun rise in the Florida keys as I type this, but this team cannot win. The talent isn’t there, the leadership isn’t there, and the desire to field a winning team isn’t there. I’m finished with this team. I’ll compose some long kiss-off letter back in Chicago, but I can’t invest any more emotional capital in this organization. All the best to you.


    • The Cub Den · April 21, 2014

      Don’t be too cynical. They have flashes of brilliance and then they have flashes of something else. They need Baez, that’s what they need.


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