For The Cubs, When It Rains…

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds

Let’s all give Jeff Samardzija a hug. A big hug. Not only is there a metaphorically “Black Cloud” hanging over the Chicago Cubs, but literally there was a massive rain soaked dugout and bullpen last night in a late rain delayed game against the Cincinnati Reds where the Cubs stumbled to a 3-2 loss.

The Shark tried for his first win of the season and to the Cubs credit, they tried to help him with the win. Starlin Castro had two RBI’s and finally has shrugged off the criticism and is becoming the player the Cubs knew he’d be. Keep it up Starlin!

“I thought I threw pretty good, but sometimes you’re just trying to be too fine,” he said. “Especially early in the game — the leadoff walk, that can’t happen. It wasn’t any missed calls or anything. It was just me putting Hamilton on, it just starts the game off on a bad note.”

Did anyone see the grab by Bonifacio? An amazing catch that left Samardzija shaking his head. However, it was the Reds night with a spectacular grab by Brandon Phillips and Billy Hamilton’s first career homer. Go figure, it’s against the Cubs.

“Today was a 3-2 ballgame,” Rick Renteria said. “I think if we keep edging forward at some point, those will start to come. Hopefully they come in bunches, but right now we really do think about how we play one day at a time. Try to figure out to do anything we possibly can to allow us opportunities to score more runs and take advantage of the pitching we’re getting, because we are getting really good pitching.”

Coach Renteria was ejected from the ball game for the second time this season. Although I like it when a manager sticks up for his players, sometimes it’s just as well to keep one’s mouth closed or as they say in the Great White North, “Ferme la bouche”

Now, as the Cubs head into May, they’re still searching for their first series win of the season. This weekend, they face the Cardinals.

Mark my words folks, the Cubs are going to win this series.

Believe it!


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