Cubs’ Starlin Castro In 2014 All Star Game

Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals

Have you voted for Anthony Rizzo yet? C’mon gang, let’s get him into the All Star Game.

Well, the game was a lot closer than the 13-0 drubbing the other night, but those wily Cubs managed to keep it tight with another one run loss 2-1. Now, if I had my way, I’d put Jake Arrieta on the ballot because he’s proven that he can compete with the best of them. There’s an old saying in Cub Land, say it with me people…

“There’s always Next Year.”

“We had some opportunities,” Rick Renteria said. “Obviously, we weren’t able to drive in those runners that we had at those times.”

Which has been the Cubs major concern all season long. To be fair, the Nationals have been strong all the way through and for a young Cubs team, facing a challenge like the Nationals is both good and frustrating. They want to get better and compete, but a team would like to build the confidence by winning against these teams too.

Congratulations to Jeff Samardzija on his first win as an Oakland Athletic. It sure would be nice to see him in the playoffs and witness the damage that can be done. Great job, Shark.

So, Starlin Castro will be in the All Star Game. He deserves it. There’s no denying it. The Wonder Kid from a few years ago has had an unbelievable season and if he keeps it up, there could very well be a flag flying with the wind out in the field. Then again, 13 isn’t a very good number to be flying at Wrigley Field.

Hey, Alfonso Soriano is available. Any takers?

Believe it.



  1. rlincolnharris · July 7, 2014

    Every piece of mail coming in and going out of Wrigley already has a 13 at the end of the ZIP code–60613–so flying Castro’s number anywhere isn’t going to muck things up any further.

    Congrats on the MLB ranking, and I hope you have a great day, even if it’s a Monday.


    • Mark Gauthier · July 7, 2014

      Thank you. Well, that’s where the curse comes from. Billy Goat who, eh?


      • rlincolnharris · July 7, 2014

        I tell people to look at the floors the next time they get into an elevator. Many buildings skip from 12 to 14 for just that reason.

        Have a great day.


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