The Cubs’ Jackson Gets Unlucky At Thirteen. Vote Rizzo!

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds

Wow, Anthony Rizzo sure does want to be in the 2014 All Star Game. Last night, he crushed his 18th home run of the season in a losing effort to the Cincinnati Reds 9-3. A two run blast.

Also, Edwin Jackson wants to remain a Cub. He tried last night by getting rid of thirteen batters but then he stalled and the Cubs faltered. What’s with the Cubs and Thirteen?

“For me, the story line is we had some opportunities to score runs today and Jackson gave us a chance,” manager Rick Renteria said. “We did have runners in scoring position and left a lot of guys out there. In the last couple days, we just haven’t had the timely hitting that we’ve been having in the past.”

Today’ll be interesting with a double header starting at 1:00. If you haven’t voted for Anthony Rizzo, get your votes in. I normally don’t like these fan vote ins but it is what it is so get them in. Go on Twitter and #VoteRizzo and @ARizzo44 for a good guy and a perennial future Cubs Hall of Famer.

“Whatever happens this week is on the fans,” Rizzo said of the Final Vote balloting. “Our team winning will get us in the highlights more. It’s nice to get that knock.”

If the Cubs can keep doing what they’re doing, yeah they might not be getting the wins on a regular basis, but building the foundation with Rizzo, Starlin Castro, Justin Ruggiano and a pitching staff that’s progressing with each game.

Also as of today, the Cub Den will forever be known as The Canuck Cubbie

Believe it.


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