Cubs And Cardinals Friends Forever

You can learn a lot from yesterday’s tough loss against the St. Louis Cardinals. A 1-0 defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. So are those 70’s uniforms. What were those designers thinking?

It’s not going to matter too much in the standings at this point of the season, but one can hope that the Cubs would play spoiler to a Cardinals team in position to snag the NL Central. Of course, that didn’t happen.

“All pitchers are out there thinking, at least that’s the goal,” Hendricks said. “I just take that mindset, watching video, trying to figure out the hitters, and then on the mound, the biggest thing is making the adjustments. I think that’s what separates a lot of good pitchers from being average — just figuring out what the hitters are trying to do against you during the game is huge and making adjustments to combat that.”

Yes, the Cubs pitching is looking solid going into next year’s young class coming up. Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks are putting together a solid foundation on the mound.

“The big picture is that we want to win every game, but the way we’re competing and holding our own on a daily basis, I think the attitude that these young men have is in the right place,” Renteria said. “I think they’re trying to do things the right way and we just fell a little short.”

Yes, the Cubs are trying to do things the right way and building for a long term organization so history doesn’t repeat itself. Hopefully, not those 70’s uniforms. Wow.

So, I want to send out some positive vibes to Cardinal fans. Sure, there’s a bitter rivalry going between the Cubs and Cardinals, but it’s a only a game. I came across this song by PS I Love You and thought of the rivalry.

Why can’t we be Friends Forever?

Believe it,



  1. moformvp · August 1, 2014

    I’m a big Cards fan, and I have a little 11 year old brother whose a huge Cubs fan, so I know what it’s like to have that friendly rivalry within a home. Honestly, I don’t take the Cubs very seriously and I doubt it will become much of a rivalry until the Cubs win it all. However, with a couple of guys like Bryant and Baez waiting in the wings, that might come sooner than anyone expects.
    I saw Bryant in AA, and what was impressive to me about him was his great power to the opposite field. I immediately got his autograph.


  2. Mark Gauthier · August 2, 2014

    Rivalries should always bring out the best in teams, and I think for the most part, the Cubs/Cardinals do a great job of it.


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