The Kids Are All Right For The Cubs



Javier Baez getting Home Runs has become old news, I’m afraid to admit. Yesterday, the Wonder Kid registered his first back to back home run game of his career after a long rain delay again. The Cubs went on to defeat the Orioles, 7-2.  Even though Kyle Hendricks, geez, that name sounds like a Nascar Driver didn’t get his quality start. at least the Cubs won and that, as we know, is the most important thing.

“They’re a good, solid aggressive bunch and they’re trying to establish themselves in their organization,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter said. “Their intensity level is always going to be good. They’ve got a lot of things to establish and prove, as we do.”

The fun doesn’t end there, because Logan Watkins has been joining in the fun since he’s been on the team gathering two hits and two RBI’s.

Even the grounds crew had an ovation. They’ve been working hard and have become the extra men on the team.

The Cubs have all but flat lined in their chances in making the post season, but consider if Javier Baez had played since the season opened. Would their chances have improved? It’s hard to say, but since the call up August 5th, the Cubs are 12-9 and the Wonder Kid has given fans a souvenir seven times. The numbers say it all.

Now, it may have been nice if Baez had played the season, but I think it was the wiser choice waiting. He still swings a lot more than he hits and the off season will be kind to him.

You know, if the numbers don’t lie, then the Cubs still can finish .500 on the season.

Believe it.



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