Wada Feeling For Cubs Pitcher



Well that was one for the ages, Cubs style! The Cubs swept the Baltimore Orioles to cap the series in a 2-1 victory with Tsuyoshi Wada on the verge of a No-No. If anyone left their seats, they were foolish. Let’s see, the Orioles are in first place and the Cubs swept them. Now, that’s incredible.

“I knew a no-hitter was going on, but I tried not to focus on it too much,” said Wada, through interpreter Ryo Shinkawa. “The pitch count was getting to me and fatigue was a factor as well.”

So how are the new kids doing? Well, the “Cubs Winning Ways” as outlined by fearless GM, Theo Epstein is in full motion. Through all the doubters of the plan, including myself at times, the Cubs are now clawing their way up the standings and heading into the off season with a little over a month away, on a winning note. Of course, things could turn the other way, but I know this fan is liking the transitions and transactions the club has made this year.

I have to admit though I was skeptical, especially when they sent down Mike Olt, but hey, it worked out, right?

No, yesterday’s victory was an important one for many reasons. The Cubs are 10 1/2 back of the wild card and fourteen games under .500

“In my mind, he was going to keep throwing until someone got a hit,” Renteria said. “He gave us a great outing.”

You guys are all probably sitting back reading this and thinking, “This guy is nuts if he thinks they can pull it off” which you would be justified in thinking that considering a very tough schedule to close out the season, but the Cubs just beat the freakin’ Orioles with the top of the rotation and Castro away on bereavement. It’s not impossible.

Believe it.





  1. Level Whimsicality · August 25, 2014

    Five weeks to close a 10+ game wildcard gap may be statistically possible but has to be near impossible since the entire league (minus three teams) is gunning for those two spots. It would be different, for example, when in something like the old A.L. West with only four teams, and two are non-factors and the leader is fading.

    What will be more interesting is to see how they fare in the next five weeks against effectively the entire N.L. Central plus the Blue Jays. Note I said “fare” and not “win,” because the dynamic of this team is going to change soon with all the call-ups. And this year, the 40-man roster will be an important tryout for many of those guys to join what Theo is building (versus the normal it’s-September-call-Iowa-for-some-roster-fills).


  2. Mark Gauthier · August 26, 2014

    Great point, It’s a good thing for Soler and if this were any other club, I’d say stay the course, but with the potential firepower the Cubs have, things are getting that much better.


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