Cubs Using Soler Power


It’s an interesting situation in the late months of the baseball season. Although the Cubs are in theory, out of contention but does it mean that they should call up the young players with hopes of not making the post season?

Jorge Soler, the Cub’s next one is joining the team today against the Reds. Should we view this as a good thing or a not so good thing?

The Cubs are doing all right as it is. They’re on a three game winning streak and they’re a long shot at the Wild Card, but not so long at finishing with a .500 team. There is certainly a lot of chemistry going on with this team and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s on one hand, but on the other hand this is the Cubs we’re talking about. A team with the most exciting farm system out there right now. If anything, calling young Jorge Soler up for BP and joining Javier Baez in the rook department should be a treat and enhance the Cubs’ opportunity to finish with a .500 record.

Soler is coming off a three run homer with Iowa on Monday. He’s swinging the bat well and has a .373 Avg with Runners In Scoring Position.

But this isn’t Triple A anymore.

Things just got more interesting.

Believe it.






One comment

  1. Gary Trujillo · August 26, 2014

    Will there be an Addison Russel sighting this year?


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