Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo Blast Home Run Thirty



All right, so I was wrong. Jorge Soler joins the club today. Did the Cubs need Soler last night? Nope. The Cubs have the best winning streak in the Majors with 4W’s in a row. Sure, it was a bit wet and Anthony Rizzo hit the thirty club sending a fan home with a souvenir but what about Travis Wood? He looked like the Wood of old. The only piece missing was a home run.

“He was attacking the strike zone, he was probably working the fringes more effectively this time, changing speeds, using the curveball today to get some swings and some early strikes,” Rick Renteria said. “He was pitching with some confidence today. I thought he had a real good feel for his pitches.”

The Cubs had a scare when Rizzo left the game in the eighth inning, but he’ll be playing tonight. Who wouldn’t want to be playing tonight in the debut of Cub’s prospect, Jorge Soler. I promise no puns.

“I think it’s pretty exciting for the whole organization,” manager Rick Renteria said. “A young man that’s been talked about quite a bit will be joining us tomorrow. Everybody’s pretty excited about it.”

So whether the Cubs, who are now 10 back of the wild card turn into the “Miracle team” of the year or just providing the kid with some practice, remains to be seen. There’s no denying that the Cubs are looking good. Although some cynics and I’m included aren’t too sure whether the team can finish at .500, for the first time in a long time, the Cubs are winning and there’s a feeling of hope in the dugout.

“I’m not surprised,” Rizzo said. “He’s been on a tear, he’s been doing everything you can do, and having an extra week, to having five weeks in the big leagues would be good — to have him up here and get him going and go into the offseason on a high note, or maybe he doesn’t do so well here, but going into the offseason knowing what to work on.”

Tonight, newly acquired pitcher Jacob Turner gets the start.

Believe it.



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  1. Minoring In Baseball · August 27, 2014

    And Soler goes yard in his first at bat! Nice!!!!!!!!!!


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