Cubs Drone On



That’s a 10-4 good buddy! Oh C’mon, like there isn’t lots of writers using that one this morning? For some reason, and there might be something to this troubling curse that’s been kicking around Wrigley Field all these years, but the Pittsburgh Pirates always seem to have Chicago’s number. They play them hard or get lucky.

It’s no secret that Travis Wood has been having a tough season and there are lots of us who believe he’s better than the numbers show. They’re right. He’s a great pitcher having a rough time.

“It wasn’t Woody’s day today,” Rick Renteria said. “They came out swinging and he got two-strike at-bats, but couldn’t finish them off. It happened kind of quick.”

Three home runs against “Woody” isn’t a pretty number. Even though the Cubs have all the talent in the world with the young kids and those swings, when a team is missing two of their biggest hitters in Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo, nothing is going to save a team. It’s going to be interesting though, the season is winding down but Wood could possibly face the Pirates again and it might be a different result.

Does Wood have an answer for his disappointing season?

“Obviously, something is different, whether it’s the hitters’ approach off me or just not being able to execute pitches the way I did last year,” Wood said. “That’s something to be addressed in these next couple starts.

All right I have to say this. This series against the Toronto Blue Jays is going to be an interesting one. The Jays are still very much in the Wild Card race and even though I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Cubs have a chance, the likelihood is just not there. I want the Cubs to win, but there’s a little part inside of me that won’t be sad if the Blue Jays get through this series.

Believe it.


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