Cubs’ Rizzo Gives Fans Chance To Dream


Welcome back Anthony Rizzo, we missed you. Let me ask you this question; If this were a feature film, who would play Mr. Anthony Rizzo? Channing Tatum? I think that would be a nice fit into the role.

After a scoreless eight innings, the All Star first baseman stepped up to the plate and well, then the magical happened.

Rizzo hit a walk off home run to help the Cubs beat their division rivals 1-0. It was beautiful. It was the reason why thousands of children across the world stay out a little later in the summer.

“First pitch, I was taking all the way, just to see his arm,” Rizzo said of his at-bat in the ninth. “The second pitch, I just let loose, and fortunately put a good swing on it.”

Anthony Rizzo was on the disabled list for the last eighteen games with lower back tightness but wow, what a comeback!

You see baseball is a magical game. It’s a pilgrimage to take that trip to Cooperstown. There’s a serenity walking through the marble hall and reading those plaques. This is the reason every summer, children stay out a little later when the last red light splits the horizon. A chance to dream of having a nickname like, “The Man of Steal”.

Last night, Anthony Rizzo returned to the Cubs lineup. Earlier this season, he promised a child a home run and he hit two.

Last night, Anthony Rizzo hit one for us.

The Dreamers.

Believe it.


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