Happy Joe Madden Day Going Back To The Future


Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, their fans and all those hard working people within the organization who helped bring another championship to the Bay Area. Well deserved!

To you, the Kansas City Royals for providing Cubs fans like me to join in with the excitement you brought to the 2014 MLB Post Season. You fought hard, you played well, but most of all you believed.  I love baseball!!!

100 to 1 shot I tell ya. I wish I could back to the beginning of the season, and bet some money on the Cubbies.“—Terry to Marty McFly

That was from Back To The Future 2 where the Chicago Cubs defeated Miami on October 21 2015 to win the World Series.

Thank you @MCorcoran15 for giving me the reminder.

Now, as we hold our breath at the inevitable signing of Joe Maddon and the hash tags galore of #HappyJoeMaddonDay litter our twitter feeds, will that prediction come true?

Will the signing of Joe Maddon deliver a World Series championship to the long suffering fans in the Windy City?


As Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer do Damage Control over a potentially ugly situation with Ricky Renteria, I have to say that I’m warming up to the fact of Joe Maddon presiding in the dugout.

Where will Ricky Renteria end up? Is this a mid life crisis for Theo Epstein dumping Renteria for the hot thing down the road?

Is it ethical for Joe Maddon to pursue the Cubs like a homewrecker? Or as some MLB Insiders calling a “Classless Act”

After careful mulling, I’ve decided it’s not as dirty pool as some might think. It’s business. Ricky Renteria is doing a fine job(as of this posting, there’s no word yet) but he should understand that in the best interest with the organization, they should hire the best manager.

I’d bet there’s a photo of Joe beside Ricky’s family at his desk. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if Tampa Bay hires Renteria.

Not one bit.

So, let us rejoice in #HappyJoeMaddenDay

Believe it,


Joe Maddon a Cub?


It’s been just over 24 hours since Joe Maddon walked away from the Tampa Bay Rays and the rumour mills are swirling. Will he go to the Red Sox? He could wind up in New York or Cleveland.

The best one yet. He could be behind the Cubs’ bench next season.

Although an intriguing proposition and would make perfect sense in a perfect world, but folks, last time I checked, our perfect world doesn’t exist and if it did, it sure wouldn’t be all that perfect in Chicago.

What kind of message would it be sending if Maddon landed in the Windy City? Where would Rick Renteria go? Maddon is one of the best in the game, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it would be the best fit for the Cubs.

Renteria did a fantastic job with the team last season. We saw improvements with Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo. We’re excited to see the new kids come up through the ranks in Javier Baez, Jorge Soler, Albert Almora and Kris Bryant are all getting to know the club and the system and we should have an exciting season next year. It’s been worth it.

Not that signing Joe Maddon is the wrong decision, I think he’d certainly elevate the club to a whole other level, but maybe keeping Rick Renteria is the wiser decision. The Chicago Cubs have gone through so many managers over the past few years that their credibility would be under fire if they made the switch.

Sure, there’s been reporters like Ken Rosenthal tweeting that Joe Maddon is a leading contender for the Cubs and Theo Epstein is familiar with him but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

“For me, it’s not my responsibility to think for other organizations,” Maddon told Rosenthal. “I’m controlling what I can. I had this two-week window of opportunity. It’s about myself, my family, my charities. At the end of the day, I would never ask or tell an organization what to do. That’s not my business.”

On the other hand, it could be exactly what the Cubs need to make it over that hurdle of obscurity and mediocrity to World Series Champions. Maybe David Price might land in Chicago next?

The Cubs have a good thing going with Rick Renteria. He’s a player’s coach and although it would be business if they canned Rick for Joe, I’m sure he’d understand, it would also be a disservice to Renteria if they did that.

Now having said that, I would be a little more excited this time next year.

Believe it.


The Kansas City Royals Clicking Their Heels


Want to know what I love about the MLB Playoffs? Of course you do. I’m a sucker for those Cinderella teams that seem to take hold of everyone’s imagination, well, unless you’re a Los Angeles Angels fan. Yes, Fairy Tales do come true in the #PostSeason magic of a little sport called baseball.

Yesterday, the Kansas City Royals clicked their heels three times and said, “There’s no place like home” as they routed the Los Angeles Angels 8-3. Yeah, it’s those Angels with big wings sprouting out on the sides of name badges across the backs of players named Mike Trout,Albert Pujols, and Howie Kendricks. Those little Angels who were treated Royally by Kansas City.

Is that too flowery?

“I’m more happy for the fans than anyone else, because they waited a long time to get to this point,” owner David Glass said, drenched in champagne in the clubhouse celebration. “But listen, we’re not at the end. We’re at the beginning of something that could be really good.”

For a city that is more famous for Ruby slippers than sports lately, this is exciting times to be wearing the blue. These are exciting days if you’re George Brett talking about the good ol’ days and these are awesome moments for those Kansas City Royals players, fans and family members who struggled through the lean times, forked over big playoff dollars for a seat and travelled from Oz to return to Kansas City to watch their sons, brothers and “Daddys” compete for a chance at glory.

“It’s an unbelievable atmosphere,” James Shields said. “This is a special time in this city right now, and they’re enjoying this as much as we are.”

And if you’re a Cubs fan, don’t worry I’ll be writing about Chicago this time next year. Consider this a draft.

Believe it.


Cubs Wish They Were The Kansas City Royals


Is everyone else just as excited as I am about the MLB playoffs? Yeah, so it’s not the Cubs in it this year but I’ve been cheering on the Kansas City Royals and their historic victory the other night in the Wild Card matchup against the Oakland Athletics. Believe me, I stayed up to watch the entire game and what a beauty it was. So, it’s awesome that their winning ways are continuing against the Angels.

Even though the Cubs season is done, Theo Epstein has been fielding questions in regards to next year’s team.

“There’s a day coming when all of our young talent will be here, and it will have all matured,” Epstein said. “There’s a day coming when we’ll have that impact talent from outside the organization, significant investments made possible in part by the presence of those many good young players. There’s a day coming when we’ll fully have learned how to win. There’s a day coming when we’ll be playing in a newly restored Wrigley Field. There’s a day coming when we’ll have an elite payroll thanks to a new TV deal.

“That day is probably not 2015 — we’re not going to accomplish all those things in 2015. But do we have a chance to take a significant step forward and do we have the talent to compete for an NL Central title if things go our way and we continue to work hard? Absolutely.” said Epstein.

So, that begs the question, “Will the Cubs be joining in the Jon Lester sweepstakes?” then again, James Shields might be in the hunt for a new team and there’s also a possibility that Jeff Samardzija could be back with the club.

I’m picking Lester for a great off season signing.

Whoever the Cubs do decide in picking up, the general feeling amongst all Cubs fans and apparently management, is the Cubs are going to bean aggressive club come springtime and maybe not a favourite to win the championship, but certainly a contender for the post season.

Believe it.