If You Were The Cubs, What Would You Do?


The Cubs have been rumoured of late to having an open wallet ruing this potentially game changing off season for the team. It’s been awhile since the club has made any kind of huge deal sending an all star to the team for a lot of money.

Wait, he just retired this week.

It’s going to be a long winter. I don’t even bother listening to weather reports. I check the Cubs news, baby. Are the Cubs going to land Russell Martin? They could and it would be a great signing for the club. Of course, starting pitching is a gaping hole that needs to get patched up before this club can do any damage in the playoffs.

It’s great to see that Tom Ricketts is on Theo’s side. I’m not entirely convinced that Russell Martin is the guy for the Cubs. Sure, he comes from my hometown, he’s good. Really damn good and would be an amazing asset to the team, but I also think Welington Castillo is doing a fine job behind the plate.

“We do have a lot of dry powder, and (Epstein) has a lot of flexibility this offseason. If there’s a free agent that comes up that makes sense, I’m sure he’ll be aggressive in trying to get there. “But obviously the problem is there are 29 other teams that would like to have new starting pitchers. There’s always that factor, and you have to be rational while you’re being aggressive.’’ Ricketts said.

They need to stick to pitching. If they land the right free agent, it’ll definitely solidify the rotation. Imagine a rotation with Hendricks, Wada, Arrietta, (Yes Edwin, you’re invited too) and a Scherzer, Hamels, Lester or Shields. That’s pretty darn impressive and can compete with the best of them. All right, but where does that leave Travis Wood?

Here’s my dream scenario and I’m just some poor schmuck fan boy freezing his butt off waiting for spring to come around.

Find a team that’ll take Edwin Jackson off the Cubs hands. It’ll be hard yes, but not impossible.

Keep Welington Castillo behind the plate as the starter. He made great leaps and strides last season and might get better.

Go after James Shields. Yes, I know Lester has a history with Epstein, I like you Theo, but until you’re wearing pinstripes and walking to the mound breaking another pitcher’s heart, Joe Maddon’s the boss.

The Cubs need Shields.

Believe it.



  1. moformvp · November 9, 2014

    I agree with you that the Cubs should stick with Castillo. I think they need to be careful and not overspend when they’re still a year or so away from being serious contenders. Shields would be great, but two big name free agents might be too much. Don’t forget that next year’s free agent group is pretty stacked too, with Price, Jordan Zimmermann, and Jeff Samardzija all set to become available.


    • Mark Gauthier · November 10, 2014

      With Vegas odds at 20-1 to win it all, landing Shields or any one of those big gun pitchers should get them to the playoffs next year at the least. I’m excited!


  2. Dave · November 17, 2014

    Castro’s ready but would have been ready sooner if not pushed before he was fully developed at the MILB level. Castillo should be the Cubs lead behind the plate.

    2016 if not 2017. That is if, they wait for the AAA players to develop ‘properly!’

    All in good time. As you know, I am not an Epstein/Hoyer fan. I tried several times.

    Roach, LaStella?????? Really? Hopefully this does not represent their intent to compete at the top in 2015. Do they understand that Madison Bumgarner is only one pitcher of several of the same status in the same league as they expect to contend?

    Where am I missing a point?

    Anyway, I don’t see it. I just don’t get it. The current roster has the Cubs posed for more of the same in 2015.


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