Cubs Opening Wallet


Did you believe I was going to remain hibernating for long? The Winter Meetings are coming up next month and now, word on the street is the Cubs have extended an almost open wallet to Jon Lester at an approximate 6/year $145 million dollar offer. This is great on all fronts.

A) It proves the Cubs are spending money on talent.

B) They want quality pitching. A rotation with Hendricks, Arrieta, Wada, Jackson(I’ll give him another chance) and Lester is starting to look pretty darn good if you ask me.

There’s a rumour going around the bases that the Cubs would like to move Starlin Castro, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. They all ready have one of the best infields in the game and moving Castro would tear that down.

So, if Lester signs with the Cubs, this elevates the team to possible playoff contenders to potential NL finalists.

You laugh? I know some of you are out there in Wrigley Land, but just the mere signing of a manager like Maddon and now the possibility of Lester joining the rotation, well folks, this just smells like the Blue Bears are for real and it’s about time.

Theo Epstein is all ready being forgiven for the Edwin Jackson debacle and I predict, yes I predicted last year that Edwin would turn his game around, but this time I mean it.

Oh C’mon, like you guys haven’t said like the rest of us that this is going to be the year? 2015, the Cubs are for real. The National League Central is no more a three team division, this spring, the Cubs are going to maul some Pirates, feast on red birds, get drunk on some Milwaukee Brew and see a lot of Red.

Believe it


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