Cubs ‘ Anthony Rizzo Makes Bold Prediction Before Convention


If you’re a hockey fan, you may remember 1994 when then New York Rangers captain Mark Messier, predicted the Rangers would go on to win the Stanley Cup.

Raise your hands if you remember.

The Rangers went on to beat the Vancouver Canucks, ending a fifty year drought.

Jump to 2015. Either it’s the Back To The Future 2 predictions of the Cubs winning it all over the Miami team, but there’s some kind of fever gripping Cubs Nation lately, it could be the signing of Joe Maddon or Jon Lester. perhaps it’s Miguel Montero?I don’t know, but recently Cubs’ captain and player extraordinaire Anthony Rizzo predicted the Cubs will win the 2015 NL Central division.

Of course, I don’t believe in curses. Superstitions? maybe, but curses? forget about it. The only curse that’s been placed on the Cubs these 107 years between championships is the simple fact that the team just couldn’t capitalize on their chances. You know what? If I read about Steve Bartman interfering one more time with Moises Alou, I think I might puke. Let’s get this straight once and for all; the kid did what any other fan would do in that particular situation. The Cubs squandered a 3-1 series lead. Plain and simple. It happens, get over it. It happened a couple of years ago with the Toronto Maple Leafs/Boston Bruins series where Toronto blew a 4-1 lead in one period. That sucked.

In fact, the Cubs could have won it all with a League of Coaches, but ask Ernie Banks about that one.

Sure, you can put a spin on Billy Goats, Black Cats, League of Coaches, Bartman or whatever you want to bottle that voodoo, but please oh please, do not say the Chicago Cubs are a cursed team.

By the way, it was a Miami team in 2003. Just saying.

They are a professional sports franchise that have had great teams, not so great teams, close calls and squandered leads.

Look at the mighty 2007-08 season. Both shutout in the NLDS Both division champions. Was it a curse?

No, the Cubs got stymied and that happens.

There are three days in my life that are amazing. The day I married my wife, the birth of our son and Opening Day.

If the great Anthony Rizzo, that future hall of fame first baseman who hurdles into dugouts chasing balls wants to make bold predictions then let him and listen to him. He might be right.

My son starts T Ball this season and the other day he asked me how many home runs Anthony Rizzo hit last year, so I told him.

He said,”I’m going to hit 40, Daddy”

I’m going to hit 40, Daddy. Now that’s a prediction I love.

Believe it.


One comment

  1. Minoring In Baseball · January 19, 2015

    A bold statement, but teams need that kind of positive attitude to win games. Especially with some young players, they’ll be getting confidence though the veterans.


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