Enigma Jackson and The Exciting Adventures of The Cubs in Spring

Chicago Cubs Spring Training Joe Maddon

There’s no denying that there is a special kind of magic circulating throughout the Cub’s organization this spring. From the anticipation of Jon Lester to the thrill of Anthony Rizzo, the Cubs have their stuff together.

But what about their rookies? I’ll tell you right now I think they should wait a bit for Kris Bryant. Just a bit though. It would be a big mistake to throw him in there and not succeed. The team has too much depth all ready for them to mess things up by having Bryant there on Opening Day.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to play in the big leagues,” Bryant said. “I feel I’m pretty close now. I’m going to use this Spring Training as a way to go out there and get better in those areas.”

The more I think about it though as I pore over the stats projections, it’s the pitchers that have something to prove more than anything. Sure, we know that Rizzo’s going to hit at least 30 big ones, Castro is going to be just happy he never got traded and go out there and do his stuff(you know, the kind of things he does so well when he pays attention) and Javier Baez will be more patient. In other words, the infield is A-OK.

The pitching rotation has got to earn its keep. This is the area which the club has invested a lot of cash and in many ways, the organization has got to keep a close eye on Lester. Don’t tire him out and let him work his magic on the mound.

But wait you say? What about Edwin Jackson? Here’s the deal with Jackson. He’s got some stuff left in the tank, we just don’t know what that stuff is but one thing I’ve learned about Jackson since his tenure with the Cubs is he’s a bit of an enigma. That’s right folks from now on he is referred to as Enigma Jackson. We never know who is going to show up.

The infield is going to bring the excitement this season and the outfield is going be the anchor of the organization but it’s the pitching that will bring the fireworks.

Believe it


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